WLtd is a simple korn shell script that will enable you manage thread dump operations on WebLogic Servers efficiently and effectively. The salient features of WLtd are given below:

  • Can be run in interactive and non-interactive modes (so can be run as a cron job)
  • Configuration-driven
  • For more than one specified WebLogic Server, thread dumps are taken parallelly (as coprocesses – beneficial on multi-cpu hosts).
  • Thread dumps are extracted from the WebLogic Server stderr logfiles and stored in text files.
  • Option to email thread dumps, as an attachment (text files will be archived and compressed).
  • Housekeeping of thread dump text files


System Requirements:  Solaris/Linux, Korn Shell (/bin/ksh)


Download WLtd v1.0                 Download WLtd v1.0 ReadMe


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