I was a kid when I became mesmerized by Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. Back then, India’s only television channel, Doordarshan telecasted the Grammy Awards and I remember my family and I enjoying MJ’s performance at the 1988 Grammy awards. That performance is so fresh in mind, such that on watching it again today, it took me back to those cherished days. I remember my Dad buying the album "Bad" on audio cassette and my brothers and I playing the entire album very often and singing along. I remember learning by rote the lyrics for "The Way you make me feel" (still remember them!). Whoa! MJ simply was the best – the complete entertainer! Everybody tried to sing and dance like him. Years later, the King of Pop became involved in controversies and I was not sure what to believe (I’m still clueless). Sadly, MJ passed away on 25th June and his memorial service was held yesterday.

Michael Joseph Jackson, thanks a zillion for the wonderful songs, music and dance. You will never ever be forgotten. May your soul RIP.


Here are two videos with some of my favourite MJ songs:


(1) The 1988 Grammy Awards ("The way you make me feel" and "Man In The Mirror")




(2) We are the World (along with others)



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