If you’re a movie buff and want quick and cheap (not free) access to loads of movies (even HD movies) and don’t want to risk torrents, then graboid video is well worth a try. I’ve registered for Gold Membership ($14.99 for a month allowing 50 GB of movie downloads) for a month to check it out. Graboid does not host any videos but link you to internet video sources that comply with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). As per the Graboid website, they’re legal (since they’re not hosting videos and allowing uploads). Also, I  couldn’t find any websites claiming that Graboid is illegal or that Graboid is in trouble with the MPAA and other relevant authorities.

Most of the videos (movies and TV shows) on Graboid are good quality Xvid videos, but Graboid also links you to HD videos (720p/1080p). You can either stream or download the videos.

So far, I’ve downloaded a few Xvid videos and watched them on my LCD TV using my Cylcone Micro – no issues and good audio/video quality. I’ve only had an issue with a 13 GB HD movie (1080p) download and the Graboid forums indicate that the long filename for that movie could be posing a problem (now liaising with Graboid support to give back my 13 GB bandwidth!).

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