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Understanding the Credit Crisis – A visual treat

It’s been a while now since the global economy has been affected by the credit crisis or credit crunch and there have been a myriad of presentations, discussions, etc. in magazines, on TV, at the cafe, etc. explaining why we have this credit crisis. While almost everybody will have some idea of what got us into this mess by now, I just came across this wonderful visual presentation by Jonathan Jarvis, which will enable all the folks who didn’t bother getting to know the credit crisis, obtain a good understanding of the credit crisis quite quickly. Set aside around 12 minutes to watch it and I  hope you enjoy it like I did. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million!



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  1. Biju

    Indeed a visual treat to understand the cause of the credit crisis. I did not find anything so simple and well explained. Good one Gavin.

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