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Carl Froch Vs Jermain Taylor – What a nail-biter !

I was disappointed when I came to know that no UK TV broadcaster agreed a deal to telecast the Froch-Taylor match LIVE. Well, ITV stepped in at the last moment to telecast the matcvh “as LIVE” around 18 hours after the fight. Fortunately, Omnisport streamed the fight LIVE for £9.95 and I booked the fight just minutes before punch-off! And man, I’m thrilled I didn’t miss the LIVE telecast!

Carl Froch (L) Vs Jermain Taylor (R)

Since watching Carl Froch take the vacant WBC Super-middleweight title with a classic match against Jean Pascal, I knew that Froch will be an exciting prospect and I admired his tough chin and stamina.

So, this was Froch’s first big fight (against the former world champion Jermain Taylor who’s no pushover) and his first fight on American soil. Also, it was hist first defence of his WBC super-middleweight title.

Jermain started strongly and dominated the first couple of rounds. He looked more stylish and solid in defence than Carl Froch. And then in the 3rd round, he handed Froch his first knockdown in his career (Carl Froch was undefeated and was never knocked down to the canvas prior to this fight). It seemed that the skilful, former champ Jermain Taylor was ready to teach Carl Froch a boxing lesson and Jermain went on to dominate the first half of the fight. From the 7th round onwards, Carl Froch became more active, using his jab more frequently and taking the fight to Taylor, who by now was backing off a bit (Taylor has publicly acknowledged his issues with stamina and going the distance). However, Taylor was still doing enough to lead Froch on the judges scorecards. Going into the final round, Taylor was leading 106-102 on two of the three judges’ scorecards. Just before getting off his stool for the final round, Froch’s trainer told him “You’ve got to get a big round. Don’t blow it!”  and that’s exactly what Froch did. He threw several combinations at Taylor and moved him towards the ropes. In the last minute of the final round, Froch avaenged his 3rd round knockdown by knocking down Taylor. Taylor looked stunned and Froch knew that if he didn’t finish off Taylor, Taylor could still win on points. So, Froch continued dishing out the punches while Taylor just had his arms up  trying to defend while leaning against the ropes. It was obvious Taylor could not defend himself and Froch could punch him at will and so the referee made the correct decision of stopping the fight, just 14 seconds before the final bell! Froch had won his first defence, retained his WBC super-middleweight title and had arrived in the USA! Shame on the bloody disgraceful UK TV broadcasters who telecast LIVE boring Commonwealth/British title fights and Amir Khan’s over-hyped matches, but refused to do so for the Froch-Taylor fight. Now, perhaps,  they’ll line up to strike a deal for Froch’s next fight.

Well, it should not be down and out for  Taylor as he fought well and did not allow Froch to dominate the fight. The fight was actually going Taylor’s way until the last few seconds of the final round. In the end, it was Froch’s tough chin and stamina which helped him stage a wonderful comeback and nail down the victory. There may be a rematch on the cards, but it seems that Froch’s most keen to get Joe Calzaghe out of retirement and called out loud and clear for him. Joe avoided Carl before retirement, dismissing Carl as a nobody. Well, I’m interested in watching Carl Froch take on one of these fighters soon – Lucian Bute, Mikkel Kessler, Sakio Bika (featured on “The Contender” show).

Will Carl Froch be a great champion? Well, his tough chin, stamina and some powerful punching have impressed me, but his poor defence could prove to be his downfall. He simply does not keep his gloves up to defend and can prove to be easy to hit by skilful boxers. So, it  seems that his chin will determine how far he goes in boxing if he doesn’t improve his defence. He’s not afraid to sign up for the big fights. If he develops a solid defence and starts strongly (use his jab more often in early rounds), then he’ll be very difficult to beat. Perhaps, his first big fight in America made him a bit nervous and that’s why he didn’t start very well against Taylor, but in the end, two excellent boxers gave us fans a cracking nail-biter! Thanks guys!

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