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My Tribute to Michael Jackson

I was a kid when I became mesmerized by Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. Back then, India’s only television channel, Doordarshan telecasted the Grammy Awards and I remember my family and I enjoying MJ’s performance at the 1988 Grammy awards. That performance is so fresh in mind, such that on watching it again today, it took me back to those cherished days. I remember my Dad buying the album "Bad" on audio cassette and my brothers and I playing the entire album very often and singing along. I remember learning by rote the lyrics for "The Way you make me feel" (still remember them!). Whoa! MJ simply was the best – the complete entertainer! Everybody tried to sing and dance like him. Years later, the King of Pop became involved in controversies and I was not sure what to believe (I’m still clueless). Sadly, MJ passed away on 25th June and his memorial service was held yesterday.

Michael Joseph Jackson, thanks a zillion for the wonderful songs, music and dance. You will never ever be forgotten. May your soul RIP.


Here are two videos with some of my favourite MJ songs:


(1) The 1988 Grammy Awards ("The way you make me feel" and "Man In The Mirror")




(2) We are the World (along with others)



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  • MJ is the best entertainer the world has ever produced. My introduction to pop music started with his ‘Thriller’ album. It was an instant hit. I remember my dad getting the VHS cassette of the ‘Making of the Thriller’. My brother and I must’ve seen it a 100 times. He was truly the King of pop.

    The news about his death came as a shock to me. I don’t know why I did it but I downloaded all his hit albums and have been listening to them ever since. Wow…they are still so good to listen to.

    There won’t be another Michael Jackson ever, at least in our life time. MJ WAS, IS and WILL BE a star in everyones hearts forever.

  • Biju, nice to know that you are also a big MJ fan. MJ’s songs have been leading the charts since his death and bet there’ve been millions of downloads of his songs. Just like Elvis, we may never see another MJ! An end to an era!

  • I remember as a kid, my dad bought the cassette “dangerous”, since then i have been a fan. Always loved his dancing style, even attempted the moonwalk but always fell on my face 😛

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