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A Bolt from the blue!

My Oh My !! Usain Bolt is Superman. I have been keenly following the world’s best sprinters since I was a kid, followed the Olympics and World Athletic championships closely, always knew who the fastest man in the world was and the world record time for the 100m. However, none of the sprinters I have watched have amazed me anywhere close to as much as Usain Bolt has. I bet Usain Bolt’s name is on every athlete’s lips right now as this guy has given us some breathtaking stuff in two major championships over the past two years.

usain_bolt First, he broke the world records in the 100m and 200m in the Beijing Olympics (2008) by clocking 9.69 secs and 19.30 secs respectively. And now, over the past week, he has smashed those very two records by the same margin of 0.11 secs by clocking 9.58 secs and 19.19 secs in the 100m and 200m respectively in the World Athletic Championships at Berlin. Note that 19.19 secs for the 200m is a rate of 9.595 secs per 100m. Now, that’s FAST !!

Unlike most of the races I’ve witnessed in which the likes of Carl Lewis, Donovan Bailey, Maurice Greene, etc. broke world records, Usain Bolt had taken significant leads over the other athletes in the races, showing that he was clearly far ahead of his competition. And the athletes competing with Usain Bolt are also benefitting by putting in their best performances in trying to keep up with Bolt. The 100m race in which Usain Bolt clocked 9.58 secs, is the first 100m race in history in which 5 athletes clocked below 9.93 secs. Never before have so many athletes in a 100m race run so fast!

And what’s all the more remarkable is the manner in which Usain gives us these great performances. He’s super-cool and relaxed before a race (I’m sure that da Jamaican genes have something to do with it) and doesn’t seem perturbed by pressure or expectations. He makes his victories look so easy.

With the exception of the 200m race in which he clocked 19.19 secs, he didn’t seem to give 100% in all the other races and yet he smashed world records in those races. So, Usain’s certainly got more to offer and the world is going to stand up and take notice every time he runs because when Usain runs, you’d never know what is humanly possible!

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  • True, very true. Carl Lewis amazed me but Usain Bolt took me to another level. Amaze is not the word. He is super human. I read he would like to win long jump and 400m before retiring. So look forward for him in the next Olympics at London 🙂

  • Yes Biju, Usain is a true champion and always needs a new challenge. Already he’s become the greatest sprinter of all time. If he also breaks world records in long jump and 400m, then he must be cloned!

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