January 2011 13
Monitoring QTP (command-line)
Posted By : cybergavin

Our test team uses HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) to perform data loads by importing data from an MS-Excel workbook and using a Web Form to load the data. Some data loads took a while and

December 2010 16
Cannot connect to port 25 on a Mail server
Posted By : cybergavin

Problem: Cannot connect to port 25 on an MS Exchange server to use its SMTP service. A telnet test gave the following error: telnet xx.xx.xx.xx 25 Connecting To xx.xx.xx.xx…Could not open connection to the host,

October 2010 28
How to send emails using blat
Posted By : cybergavin

Blat is a handy Win32 console utility that enables you to send emails via the command line, on Windows machines. This is especially useful within batch scripts. Given below are some how-tos on basic uses

October 2010 01
DFC errors on WebLogic 8.1 SP6 Cluster
Posted By : cybergavin

Problem: When a clustered application deployed on a WebLogic 8.1 SP6 cluster tries to connect to a Documentum Content Server during load tests, one or more servers in the WebLogic cluster crash with a core

September 2010 11
Inactive PuTTy sessions
Posted By : cybergavin

Problem: My PuTTY connection becomes inactive, thereby requiring me to reconnect to the server and login again. Background & Analysis: How to identify an inactive PuTTY connection? When you cannot type anything in your PuTTY

January 2010 25
WebLogic: Could not find SQL Document Store cgDataSource
Posted By : cybergavin

Problem: WebLogic Administration Server (with WebLogic Integration) 8.1 does not start. Following errors seen in stdout/stderr/server logs: ####<Jan 25, 2010 4:30:26 PM GMT> <Error> <JDBC> <myhost> <myadmin> <main> <<WLS Kernel>> <> <BEA-001151> <Data Source "cgDataSource"

January 2010 24
How to encrypt passwords for WebLogic 9.x+?
Posted By : cybergavin

In WebLogic versions prior to 9, JSAFE decryption exceptions and password encryption could be resolved/performed by simply setting plain-text passwords in config.xml as described here. However, in WebLogic versions later than 9.0, setting plain-text passwords