March 2019 10
Ansible for VMware
Posted By : cybergavin

Although Ansible is typically used to execute tasks on multiple machines concurrently by generating Python scripts from YAML files and copying over those scripts to the remote machines for execution, it can also be used

February 2019 16
HOW-TO: Install Graylog on a single server
Posted By : cybergavin

Here’s a no-frills rundown of the procedure that I followed to install the Graylog 2.5 Log management application on a RHEL 7.6 VM with outbound connectivity (tcp/443) to the internet: STEP 1: Install Java and Utilities

February 2019 10
Consistent Network Device Naming in RHEL 7
Posted By : cybergavin

Traditionally, Linux OSes named network interfaces in the format ethN (e.g. eth0, eth1, etc.). This assignment did not establish any relationship between the interface name and its location on the server. Hence, on a multihomed

September 2012 08
RHN registration Introspect error
Posted By : cybergavin

Problem: When trying to register a Linux client with an RHN Satellite server using the rhnreg_ks utility, the following error is displayed: Introspect error: The name com.redhat.SubscriptionManager was not provided by any .service files  

September 2012 06
Sendmail is slow
Posted By : cybergavin

Problem: The sendmail service takes a while (more than a minute) to start and emails sent via sendmail take a couple of minutes to get delivered:   Background & Analysis: Sendmail uses DNS for the

September 2012 03
Linux LVM Example
Posted By : cybergavin

Requirement: Wipe away /old and add the space recovered (5 GB) to /new for the following disk layout: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/VG01-LV01_app 5G 2.5G 2.5G 50% /old /dev/mapper/VG02-LV02_app 5G 2.5G 2.5G

February 2012 21
Unknown groups in SLES
Posted By : cybergavin

Problem: On SLES 11 SP 1, while trying to add users with the useradd command, the following is displayed: useradd: Unknown group `video’. useradd: Unknown group `dialout’. Background & Analysis: The “video” and “dialout” groups

January 2012 15
How to Install PHP with FreeTDS on Linux
Posted By : cybergavin

There are PHP applications which use MSSQL as the back-end database and such applications require FreeTDS to enable PHP code interface with MSSQL. This article describes how to install PHP and FreeTDS on Linux hosts.

January 2012 06
Unable to load module osad
Posted By : cybergavin

Problem: The osad service does not start (RHEL 5.7) and throws the following error: Starting osad: Unable to load module osad Background & Analysis: The osad service is required on all Red Hat Network Satellite