DVD Flick is an easy-to-use free DVD Authoring software that can burn videos in several formats onto a DVD for playback on your hardware and software DVD players.

I used DVD Flick to create a DVD video of some of my favourite music videos (mp4 and flv formats). My first attempt failed because the audio and video were out of sync when I played the DVD video using Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player. I presumed this sync problem occurred because the video files I burned onto the DVD were being read from a USB 2.0 memory stick. So, when I moved these video files to my HDD and burned them onto a DVD using DVD Flick, the DVD video played just fine in the software media players without any sync issues. When I played the burned DVD video on my DVD player, the sync problems returned to haunt me. However, until I test my DVD video with another DVD player, I will assume this issue is caused by my cheap DVD player (an Alba player which I bought for £20 a half a dozen years ago).

Overall, DVD Flick is very simple to use and makes DVD authoring a very straightforward task. It took 1.5 hours to burn 4.3 GB of music videos onto a 4.7 GB DVD at a speed of 4x (~5.28 MB/s).

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