Ahoy there! This is my personal blog which I use as my memory extension and a medium to share stuff that could be useful to others.

Favicon.cc – Online favicon creation

A favicon is a 16 X 16 pixel square icon that serves as an identifier for your website (browser window, browser tab, bookmarks). So, it is important to create and install a suitable favicon for your website.

While searching for free software that helps you create favicons, I found that there were quite a few to choose from, but finally, I decided to use the free, online favicon generator at favicon.cc. This online tool is more than enough to create good basic favicons.

The features of favicon.cc which impress me are:

  • Free and web-based. No client to download and install.
  • Very simple and intuitive to use.
  • You can preview the created favicon before downloading it.
  • You can create animated favicons.
  • If registered, you can save your favicon online and even publish it under an open Creative Commons license.
  • You get useful tips on how to use the favicon within your HTML.

I used favicon.cc to create the favicon for this blog as well as an animated TrafficLight favicon published under the Creative Commons license.

Note: Different browsers handle favicons differently and website developers will be all too familiar with the frustration caused by browser compatability. For example, as of today, Microsoft IE does not support animated favicons.

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I required to create some “download buttons” for this blog. I didn’t have any appropriate Image creation/editing tool to create buttons and when searching the www, came across a good website called Da Button Factory which allows you to create buttons online. Salient features of Da Button Factory are:

  • The website is very clean, intuitive and simple to use.
  • Allows creation of 3 types of button : Rectangular, Rounded, Round
  • Allows creation of single colour and dual colour buttons.
  • Allows button to be integrated into your website as CSS code or an image (gif/png/jpg).
  • Allows customization of text, font, shadow, size, border, text padding and colour.

Using two colour gradient, you could create a button that is quite close to, if not like, the Web 2.0 buttons out there (colourful, glossy, shaded buttons).

A screenshot of Da Button Factory, taken while creating my download button is given below. It shows you the various options mentioned above. I opted for a PNG image, as it’s the optimal choice for small images with text (like buttons).



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