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Information wherever, however – SixthSense

At times during my ritual household grocery shopping, I stand in front of a supermarket shelf containing several brands of a specific product (probably a new addition to the shelf), trying to digest all the information on the product labels and decide which brand to pick up. This task has been made somewhat easier after getting my BlackBerry Bold with unlimited internet usage, as I can now at least check product reviews on the www, thereby facilitating my decision-making process. But how nice it would be for me to have very quick access to the information I want with minimum fuss! – the SixthSense  may be just the perfect device to make this possible. Pranav Mistry, a Ph.D student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab is the genius behind the SixthSense. Watch the demo of SixthSense below:



Visit SixthSense for more details. When this device becomes generally available, it will revolutionize the way we humans interact with the world around us and will bridge the gap between science fiction and reality.

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