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How to modify a RHEL cluster configuration file

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) cluster configuration file is /etc/cluster/cluster.conf

NOTE: Red Hat discourages direct editing of the cluster configuration file and recommends using the system-config-cluster GUI.

However, if you need to edit the file, here’s a method that works:

STEP 1: Edit the  Cluster Configuration file on any one node in the cluster

  • Open /etc/cluster/cluster.conf using your favourite editor amd make your required changes.
  • Ensure that you increment the config_version (in line 2) by 1. For example, if the config_version is 45, then make it 46.
  • Save and close the file

STEP 2: Update the cluster

Execute the following command (with root privileges) on the same node used in STEP 1:

ccs_tool update /etc/cluster/cluster.conf

The above command will display output similar to the following:

Config file updated from version 45 to 46

Update complete.

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