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Suppress vSphere 5 Heartbeat Datastore warning


After configuring HA for a vSphere 5 ESXi cluster, each host in the cluster displays the following error message:


Background & Analysis:

vSphere 5 introduces Datastore heartbeats in addition to network heartbeats for HA, in order to distinguish between a network-isolated host and a crashed host.


Using the vSphere client, do the following:

STEP 1: Right-click the ESXi cluster –> Select “Edit Settings” –> Select “vSphere HA” –> Click on “Advanced Options” and enter the following Option – Value:

das.ignoreInsufficientHbDatastore – true  

The default value is false.


STEP 2: Right-click the ESXi cluster –> Select “Edit Settings” –> Select “Cluster Features” –> Deselect “Turn on vSphere HA”


STEP 3: Right-click the ESXi cluster –> Select “Edit Settings” –> Select “Cluster Features” –> Select “Turn on vSphere HA”


Root Cause:

vSphere 5 requires at least 2 datastores (shared) per host in order for Datastore Heartbeats to work. The maximum number of shared datastores allowed for heartbeat is 5.


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