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WLfdmon – Monitoring open file descriptors used by WebLogic

WLfdmon is a simple korn shell script that will enable you monitor open file descriptors used by WebLogic Servers. The salient features of WLfdmon are given below:

  • Can be run in interactive and non-interactive modes
  • Configuration-driven
  • Generates statistics on open fd usage of WebLogic Servers. These Statistics can be used for trend analysis.
  • Logs alarms when open fd threshold is breached. Alarms can notify Support Staff of abnormal application/server behaviour.
  • Logs lsof output when open fd threshold is breached. This output will be useful for root cause analysis of excessive open fd usage.
  • Housekeeping for data and lsof output files


System Requirements:  Solaris/Linux, Korn Shell (/bin/ksh), lsof


Download WLfdmon v1.0     Download WLfdmon v1.0 ReadMe



(1) WLfdmon has been scanned and is safe to download.

(2) WLfdmon has been tested. If you wish to use WLfdmon, I recommend you also test it before deploying it on a Production system.

(3) Your rating of this post/software will be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to leave comments.

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