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WLjvm – Extract JVM details for a WebLogic Server

WLjvm will display details comprising the JVM version and options for a specified WebLogic Server. The displayed details are well-formatted and easy to read. The only parameter that needs to be passed to WLjvm is the name of the WebLogic Server whose JVM details you wish to obtain.

Why WLjvm?: At times, it’s required to know a few details about the WebLogic Server JVMs, like their versions and startup options. Well, you could use "ps" on Linux or "/usr/ucb/ps" or "pargs" on Solaris to give you this information. However, these UNIX utilities display information in a format which isn’t too pleasing to the eye (although "pargs" displays well-formatted details, you still need to use "ps" to determine the PID to use "pargs"). My intention is not to make WLjvm an overkill or make people lazy. It’s just that I observed many folks wanting to access JVM details quite regularly and so used a very simple script (and an alias to call it) to automate this task.

System Requirements:  Solaris/Linux, Korn Shell (/bin/ksh), WebLogic Server (all versions to date)

Download WLjvm v1.0     Download WLjvm v1.0 ReadMe

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