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Scanning jars with JarScan

JarScan is a handy utility (available as a client and online tool) which can help locate a java class or package within jars and zip files (libraries). This is especially useful when debugging java.lang.ClassNotFoundException and java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exceptions.

For more details about JarScan (developed by Geoff Yaworski), click here. In case Geoff’s JarScan-hosting website ( isn’t available, you may download JarScan version 2.1 from here.

A screenshot of JarScan usage is given below:


Refer this example which shows how JarScan was used to find the location of the MulticastTest class.

A while ago, when I had a requirement to locate a Java class file, I simply used jar –tvf and grep. Although that worked, I would henceforth prefer to use JarScan, as it provides a good output, it is fast and it is platform independent.

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