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Virtualization with Sun VirtualBox

With virtualization so popular, gone are the days when you would need to partition your hard drive and configure dual-boot to give you the option of running more than one OS on your computer.

Sun VirtualBox is a free, open source x86 virtualization software which allows you to create virtual machines (VMs) on your computer’s Operating System (host OS) and run other Operating Systems (guest OS) within the VMs. Sun VirtualBox is easy and intuitive to use and will enable you to quickly test an OS. Well, many OSes nowadays come with LIVE CDs/DVDs to enable you have a test run, but running these OSes in a virtualization software like Sun VirtualBox works better and faster.

Given below is a screenshot of my Sun VirtualBox console. As you can see, I use Sun VirtualBox to run three 64-bit guest OSes (Fedora 11, Solaris 10, Ubuntu 9.04). I have run 2 guest OSes simultaneously, each with 1 GB of allocated memory, without any issues (on my 4 GB Dell Studio XPS 16 laptop).


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