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Shmon : Basic Solaris Host Monitoring

Shmon is a bash script (which uses a teeny weeny bit of perl) that monitors a Solaris (versions 8,9 and 10) host. When executed as a cron job, Shmon provides basic, but vital monitoring of key system parameters.


How Shmon works:



Version 1: Last updated – 6:44 PM GMT, 2nd December 2009

Download Shmon v1.0 Download Shmon v1.0 User Guide



(1) Shmon is a basic bespoke software developed to meet my specific requirements.

(2) Shmon has been scanned and is safe to download.

(3) Shmon has been tested. If you wish to use Shmon, I recommend you also test it before deploying it on a Production system.

(4) Your rating of this post/software will be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to leave comments.

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