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How to join Xvid files (Microsoft Windows)?

Some movies may be distributed in more than one file (e.g. more than one CD). Recently, I purchased a movie in Xvid format which consisted of two parts (two Xvid files). So, here’s how I joined the files to generate one Xvid file and viewed the entire movie in one go:

STEP 1: Download and install an Xvid codec

Xvid is a video codec library for the MPEG-4 standard. I downloaded an Xvid codec here.


STEP 2: Download and install (extract) VirtualDub

VirtualDub is a free video capture/processing software for Microsoft Windows. You may download VirtualDub here.


STEP 3: Start VirtualDub and load the video files

Start VirtualDub ( VirtualDub  ) and load the video files as follows:

To load the first video file, click File –> Open video file on the Menu bar or type CTRL + O.

To load the remaining files, add them one at a time by clicking File –> Append AVI segment on the Menu bar.


STEP 4: Configure Audio and Video settings

For video, click Video –> Direct stream copy on the Menu bar.

For audio, click Audio –> Direct stream copy on the Menu bar.


STEP 5: Save the joined video file

To save all video files as one joined file, click File –> Save as AVI on the Menu bar, choose a filename and save.

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